What will eCommerce be Beyond 2018?

2019 will see the global ecommerce giant Amazon hit the quarter century mark for its birthday. With almost 40 percent of the whole ecommerce industry being the playing ground for Amazon, it is estimated that it will only grow larger and larger within the coming years.

Despite the fact that Amazon has been around for almost 25 years now, the company and the ecommerce industry in general is still quite a nascent field in the larger scheme of things. In fact, Jeff Bezzos, the CEO of Amazon still says that every day is Day 1 at Amazon.

Even with the advances in technology making the ecommerce industry boom, there is still a lot of success to be had in this industry. A lot of market opportunities await going forward. Here is a look at what ecommerce will (most probably) be like beyond 2018.

Multichannel Ecommerce Enables Buying Everywhere

Multichannel ecommerce will make buying possible anywhere in the world a lot easier. Through the decoding of all the nuances and answering the “who, what, when and why”, multichannel ecommerce industry is all about striking the fine balance between the different avenues that ecommerce companies will be exploring to market their wares. Multichannel retailing is going to allow ecommerce companies to prosper by allowing purchasing from literally anywhere.

Mobile First

With more and more of the world moving mobile, it only makes sense that the ecommerce industry is also going to see a big impact of it. With the prospect of Shopify moving towards proactively taking a mobile first approach and offering mobile payment options to their customers, the sales they will make are going to skyrocket.

This pretty much is laying the groundwork for more ecommerce companies to follow. Instead of just browsing through mobiles and purchasing through desktop computers, people will be finalizing their purchases and placing orders through their phones. Responsive design, mobile payments and accelerated checkouts is going to make sure of that.

International Ecommerce Market

While it might not seem like it but the international ecommerce industry is something that is mostly uncharted territory. You see, the reason for that is the fact that every country presents its own sets of challenges. While there might be demand in Nepal for products made in the US, the supply might not be able to match.

Using ecommerce avenues, that supply and demand situation can be evened out by ensuring that products are available in the most remote regions of countries. The global ecommerce market is a goldmine waiting to be mined. All it needs is the people who will take the initiative to step on to the platform.

Content Marketing

The holy grail of digital marketing is content. Ecommerce will see a lot of benefits from the growing content marketing industry with this industry already making a large impact on the global commerce. It requires little resources to put together and requires little to no time to publish.

There will be a lot more investment in the content marketing industry with people looking to fully capitalize on the massive ROI that this avenue can provide them. Using the best practices and high quality content, ecommerce markets will be able to better provide information to their customers to help close deals.

Final Thoughts

Remember how business used to be ‘business as usual’? Yeah, that it not the case anymore. Ecommerce is a nascent industry but a booming one. Even though it accounts for less than 15 percent of the overall retail industry, it will easily increase in the total market shares. Brick and mortal stores might see themselves becoming a thing of the past in the (not so near) future.